Thursday, March 30, 2006

EDM #60

This week was consumed with construction and landscaping where I work. Fields were cleared and graded, drainaged was corrected, a new patio was created with awesome looking pavers, and all the while, heavy equipment stirred up dust, dirt and pollen to land in even the smallest of crevices. Instead of sketching my dust-baked car for this challenge, I sketched that fascinating Bobcat that moved soil, stone, pallets, gravel and more. What a nifty piece of heavy-duty machinery in such a compact size!

I sat in the field and sketched this Bobcat from its side as darkness fell. With all the stone and machinery around, I couldn't get a better angle.

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shirley said...

Before I found my grandson's cab I had lots of his trucks and earth moving models spread out - searching for inspiration. I love your Bobcat. I hope I finally figured out that I can lave a comment on your site.