Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fall flowers

Fall flowers
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I was determined to sketch a bit looser today, and my eyes fell upon these silk flowers that sit atop a table in one of my bathroom corners. They were a gift from my sister's friend -- their colors so nicly working against the yellow walls.

I've been a bit nervous taking on this large flower grouping, but after sketching Venice -- this wasn't too difficult!


Jana Bouc said...

This is so lovely Lin...your house seems to have so many little corners with beautiful things in them. All my corners have are little bits of cat fluff. I really like the way you captured the individual characters of each kind of flower but also made it a beautiful composition that works as a whole too.

Laura said...

Very sweet, Lin. I think you did a marvelous job. This sketch makes me think of the work of the illustrator Florine Asch---you may know of her already. She's done sketchbooks of Italy and Egypt and other places (they're listed on my travel sketchbooks bibliography.) she has a very sharp and delicate ink line, similar in some way to yours. She uses large areas of local color in her sketches---it might be interesting for you to take a close look at her work and see what inspiration you could take from it .