Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tea Olive

Tea Olive

This awesomely fragrant shrub/tree is abloom again! I was tempted to sketch more of the brilliant leaves that typically symbolize fall, but the luminous green of this tree and the fragrance, convinced me that THIS had to be sketched and remembered as part of this season! I clipped a stem and as I sketched it, I was almost INTOXICATED by the sweetest scent in the world!

Osmanthus fragrans blooms several times each year and this fall with the air crisper and less humid, the scent can be inhaled from the porch!

We had Emily and Nick this weekend -- and what fun! They're talking more and more and of course with that communication, expressing more of their OWN views -- particularly as voiced in the two letter word "NO!" LOL


Lorraine said...

Oh that's lovely; you've really caputured the deep green. I've not heard of this one or if I have, I've forgotten. LOL

laura said...

What great news, cara! I love the fall smell of osmanthus---it really is like no other fragrance in the world. I look foward to this on my return at the end of the month, with your lovely sketch to whet my appetite!

Teri C said...

Oh I wish I could smell it! Sounds wonderful. Love how you have captured those leaves.

Anonymous said...

So nice.
I like your plants drawings.

Felicity said...

Oh the simplicity of the green here and the hues of the autumn leaves below are just beautiful!

llyates said...

A real treat! I love to look at your sketches and always enjoy the way you flavor them with colors: words and pigment! Just a delight.