Friday, December 22, 2006

Peach Rose

Peach Rose
Originally uploaded by linfrye.
I like parts of this -- the rose sketch, the watercolor -- but I'm not sure I like the sponged background with it. Another learning experience.

Family members are arriving, the refrigerator is bulging and we have much more to cook this afternoon ....

Hope YOUR holidays are going well. Be careful en route and be gentle with loved ones ... This can be such a wild time!


Anonymous said...

I LIKE this background. It almost has the look of an old leather desk top (maybe they were blot pads?) The rose really glows and I think the dark background helps to make that so.
Have a great time with your family!!

Lorraine said...

Wow; this IS interesting -- I like the background -- very different for you -- and I like the way it sets off the rose which is also very well done. Good for you -- trying something very different!

Anonymous said...

I like the background a lot. It's really interesting. The rose is lovely too--such a pretty color. I bet your house is all warm and cozy and smells great with all that cooking.