Saturday, December 02, 2006

Persimmons and Chestnuts

Persimmons and Chestnuts
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The family of one of my students owns a persimmon farm -- and this last week, he has graciously blessed me with a dozen of these delicious fruits. This weekend, I have a lot of persimmon cooking to do -- bread, cake, jam -- and I can't wait to get going!

My family ALWAYS had persimmons and chestnuts on the Thanksgiving and Christmas table ... and I know my sisters would be green with envy to have a taste of these sweet orbs.

This painting was done wet-in-wet -- 2 washes -- and I find myself overworking the washes so that as I attempt to darken the colors and values, I loose the crisp, washy look I achieved with the first wash. My goal this weekend is to figure out how to worth through this issue! I like these persimmons better in the scan than on the paper!


Lorraine said...

Hmm, I think that fruit is very hard to draw and paint and you've done a good job of capturing it. I also like the chestnuts and the background. I admire your perseverance; I just don't have your patience.

Anonymous said...

I think your persimmons look "ripe and ready." As far as layering of pigments, I'm NO expert, but it seems that layering wouldn't work well with wet-in-wet. Hopefully someone who knows more than I can add to this thought. You might be attempting an impossible, or at the least difficult, mix of techniques.

Teri C said...

Oh so neat Lin! Love the combination. I'm also thinking wet-in-wet would not work too well. Maybe use more color the first time would get the darkness.

Anonymous said...

Lin -- wet on wet is okay, then let dry and do later layers. These really look wonderful, though, and I'm envious of you having such ready access to so many persimmons!

wagonized said...

I like the reflections and the volume that you've managed to convey on these!