Sunday, January 14, 2007

Rose Value Studies

rose value studies
Originally uploaded by linfrye.
A dear, generous friend is helping me with my watercolors. We're focusing on value studies at the moment. I've chosen roses to practice since I also need the sketching practice, and roses can be a challenge, though after doing and redoing this one rose, I think I should be able to sketch this one in my sleep!! lOL

I scanned and check the values of paint and compared them to the photo reference I was using ... I've begun to realize that my images have a predominance of mid-tones and could really use (in my opinion) a bit of darker values for spunk. So after this comparison, I used the paints to come closer to the image of my intent.

I really like this -- to me, the colors pop -- I realize the painting is overworked since I did and redid and redit to focus on the colors. But it sure was a good lesson!


littlemithi said...

Wow Lin, your rose is BEAUTIFUL! I'm glad you've found someone to help you with your watercolours - great going!

Anonymous said...

Lin -- I think this is really great. Getting a dark value for a pink (or yellow!) flower is one of the most difficult things to do with watercolor, I think! Great job, and a great idea to do the value studies the way you did. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You got some really nice dark values in this one, which really add some excitement. I like the colors too. If you had a little more light in it you'd really have the values down just right on this one.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, how did I miss this the first time?! Love those strong colours, it really does pop off the page!