Saturday, February 24, 2007


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Another busy whirlwind week for me ... I was out of town for another two-day meeting least the motel room was quiet; but I can see the fatigue getting to me -- I dated my journal page 2006 instead of 2007!!! Yikes ... I hope this trip is the last for a while.

We've had truly blustery, drying winds, and reports of fires all over the state. Temperatures fluctuate from 23F to 75F on a daily basis, and so many folks are sick.

Maybe all my traveling has kept me away from the worst of the viruses affecting so many to look on the bright side!


krazykatlady-Lorraine said...

Oh I love the flowers -- they are just the right mix of drawing/painting and realistic/representational. Your energy amazes me Ms. Energizer Bunny!
Glad you stayed away from all the viruses.
Now have a restful, artful weekend.

Laura said...

You and I both painted camellias recently! Nothing says the South like this flower. I remember seeing camellias big as dinner plates at Middleton Plantation years ago. I wish I had time to go there this week, but fear not.
I agree with Lorraine about the energizer bunny---you are her!

Brenda Y said...

Excellent job, Lin! I love how you saved the whites on this, it's also got a perfectly balanced looseness to it and the right amount of ink!!

Teri C said...

Beautiful flowers Lin! so soft and delicate. Now you need to stop and smell them :)

Mary Ellen said...

Holy hanna! These are TERRIFIC!!! I just love the shading of the petals ... the colours and everything. Ooo! Really well done! Cheers! Mary Ellen