Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pergola at Duke with Sue

Pergola at Duke with Sue
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After a long number of weeks of busyness, travel and illness, Sue and I were finally able to get together to sketch again! What a glorious, glorious day!

Sue and I sketched the pergola while beyond it a wedding ceremony was being conducted.

The day was glorious -- warm, a bit humid, but the sun stayed mostly behind the clouds rendering the temperatures comfortable. Sue also brought some fantastic custard tarts we also enjoyed while we painted ... How I long for more splendid days like this!

See more fantastic images from Sue:

and more photos of the Gardens:


caseytoussaint said...

Absolutely beautiful, Lin- I've missed visiting your blog. It's great to catch up.

Jenny said...

Your Duke sketches are beautiful! What a lovely place to hang out and sketch.

Jana Bouc said...

This is great! You did a wonderful job with the perspective. It must have been really special to be drawing and listening to a wedding in progress.

Teri C said...

This is just so lovely Lin!! Being with a friend makes it even better!

Africantapestry said...

Beautiful. I like your path, leading the eye into the lushness..