Monday, June 04, 2007

Stone Wall and Ferns

Stone Wall and Ferns
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This small view came from a photo I took while at Duke Gardens with Sue. The terraces in the Italian terrace gardens have such wonderful potential! Everywhere we looked, there was a painting to be made!

I painted this with the Quiller palette using complementaries of various greys and mixing the greens from various blues and Cad yellow. (Stephen Quiller - Color Choices)

We finally had some rain yesterday! I don't think I remember enjoying the sound, smell and FEEL of rain so much ..... it had been weeks since we had a good rainfall. The plants were joyous!


Sandy said...

Lovely scene Lin, I know what you mean this time of year there is so much potential!

Carol Holt aka Dabs said...

I like this Lin! I love stone walls and ferns... as you might know by now...:) Did you just change your blog template?? I changed mine today... felt it was time for a change... guess which one I used!?

Terri said...

Isn't rain such a blessing!? It's only when you don't get much of it that you realise just what a miracle it is. I love your wall Lin. Those greys are great. You did a good job with them. I don't think they would be easy to depict.

Africantapestry said...

This is so nice..I have a weakness for stone walls. And I love that patch of white flowers, it adds to the natural coloring of the whole ensemble.

phthaloblu said...

Gardens are such wonderful subjects for art. This is gorgeous.