Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thank YOU!

Thanks all for the good wishes for my daughter. She came through surgery fine -- and seems to be doing very well.

Many thanks for your kindest thoughts!!

Plans are to rest this weekend, eat lightly, and REST!


Bonny said...

I seem to have missed the post about your daughter needing surgery... I'm happy non the less to read now that she is doing well and on her way to recovery. That's good news!
Another reminder that we need to value our lives and do the best we can.
Gentle hugs to you, Cara, and to your daughter.

Anita said...

Me too!
So pleased to hear things are going well, make sure you both get that REST you mentioned.

Terri said...

I haven't been paying attention! Too busy looking at your beautiful art and missed reading about Michelle. So glad she's come through well. Hope she heals quickly. Take care Lin. :o)