Monday, August 06, 2007


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While walking through the Raleigh Farmer's Market, we were struck by the artfully displayed arrangement of different eggplants! From size to shape to color -- white, pink, blush, blue/purple, lavender, deep purple -- the display immediataely caught our attention!

We bought several pounds of the eggplant and yesterday, C made them into some scrumptious Eggplant Parmesan!



Laureline said...

Was just thinking this morning that lots of bloggers now paint eggplants (it IS the season, of course) and here I find yours! They're a wonderful subject, aren't they? I made eggplant pasta sauce for our dinner last night and it was delish. I know C's eggplant parmesan was too!
Sweet sketch, Ms Lin.

Jenny said...

That's such a fun display of eggplants. Excellent job on the wooden stand, and the eggplants are beautiful.

Claudia said...

Hi Lin! Tell me, how do you manage to do such nice drawings a n d to prepare food the same day?;-))

(I only remember those speckled beans, too....)

Lin said...

LOL - Claudia -- I let me husband do the cooking! LOL Note the "let!" LOL

Terri said...

I love eggplants. Such a wonderful colour!! You captured this really well Lin.

Sharon said...

These eggplants are beautiful Lin. Such lucious colors!

SCquiltaddict said...

egg plants are gorgeous...wish i had some to cook...LOVE eggplant fried or cooked italian style...yum veggie and the color is the french name aubergine!