Friday, September 07, 2007


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So busy at work, but I took 30 minutes to drive to a local nursery, sit in my car, and sketch this as the a/c kept me cool in the 90+F weather. I painted it at the B&B.

SC is about as hot as Raleigh .. but it's so good to see my dd and grand!


krazykatlady-Lorraine said...

Very nice work on both the pot and the topiary -- good curves girl!! Ah yes, I'm anxiously awaiting the end of next week when the temps are supposed to go down into the 80's LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lin, Thanks so much for the nice award. I love it. I've been meaning to ask you since you live in N.Carolina. Have you ever gone to "Boon in June" work shops at Cheap Joe's. My friend and I were thinking on maybe going down next June for some workshops and just wondering if you had since you live semi close.

Lin said...

Anonymous -- I live about 6 hours from Cheap JOes ... but I hear their workshops are fabulous. I"ve taken several from Jerrys Artarama in Raleigh -- they're only 60 miles from me ...

topiaryjoe said...

I just saw this coming up on my website search and was wondering what classes...I have Topiary Joe and CupOJoe coffee shop going up on the other side of the mountain here in Tellico Plains, Tennessee is the site where you can see the new 110' dragon mailbox drinking coffee, the 12' tall coffee cup drive through being assembled, much more! I have classes too in the summer if you like.