Thursday, October 18, 2007

Squash Trio

Squash Trio
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Sometimes when I go thru my stash of photo references for something to paint, I am drawn to a photo I've used before. This trio of squashes is one of them. After sketches their forms, I realized I had sketched it previously:

I like to compare the two to see how my style or painting might have improved, where I"m still weak, what areas I need to improve.

Seems on yesterday's, I forgot the highlights! SIGH!


Lorraine said...

Oh they are SO real looking, the colors vibrant just like the ones at the farmer's market! Great job. And I didn't even miss the highlights yesterday, even when I went back and looked today!

Teri C said...

Gee Lin, these are fabulous! So real looking.

Jenny said...

Your squash are great, and I love the composition. I will focus on putting in color and forget to leave the highlights. It doesn't take anything from your painting.

Sandy said...

Great composition Lin, you captured fall perfectly!

Jana Bouc said...

It's so funny to see these today. Yesterday when I was at the grocery store I put a whole bunch of these squash/gourd thingees in a bag to paint and then changed my mind and took them all out again. If I'd have seen this first I would have painted them.