Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Gas Crisis

The Gas Crisis
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I filled up my gas tank this week and was shocked to pay over $3 a gallon! And even with a 52 miles per gallon Prius, these prices are painful.

So I thought I would combine two challenges as I reflected on these rising costs.

I'm enjoying my Speedpass -- I keep it on my key ring so it's easy in and easy out -- and just as easy -- the bill comes each month! But it's a convenient way to turn the gas pump on and off!



Lorraine said...

Oh what a lovely "old" looking gas pump -- we have all those ugly modern machines here now. Great drawing and painting. Love the details of the key ring and envelope. Yes, grrr, I filled my little Rav's tank this week and it was over $30.00. Our prices are bouncing between $3.00 and $3.10 which means I might have to give up chocolate!!!

Sandy said...

Very timely post Lin, and nicely done as usual!

Teri C said...

Great sketch Lin and great sentiment that we all share.

I admit to giggling as I imagined you sitting at the gas pump doing this sketch :)

Linda said...

:-D Teri's right! Of course, I hadn't thought about it until she brought it up...
Great sketch, too!

Jana Bouc said...

Great sketch! We've been over $3 for a long time. It sucks! Fortunately I don't drive much (my car is a 2002 and only has 18,000 miles on it) but it must be a real killer with all your driving.