Friday, November 30, 2007

Mushrooms Sketch

Mushrooms Sketch
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Thank you all for your kind comments -- and also for your thoughts about painting and sketching. I was reading this morning when the word 'expressive' hit me ... perhaps, as suggested also by Mistress of Longears, that what I'm craving is that 'spontaneous' approach versus a more photorealistic approach -- or maybe just that expressiveness that moves from technique to artistic.... ? Something more to ponder.

In any event, as I mentioned yesterday, I sketched these mushrooms in pencil, followed by some pen work -- and then when I got home last night, I finished with the watercolor. I felt much freer to splash on the paint ....and to me, this is more of a 'sketch' for some reason ... perhaps even more 'illustrative' than 'painted?' ...

I'm still not sure ... and for now I think I'll just keep painting/sketching and as also suggested yesterday "just let it happen!" LOL

Again, my humblest gratitude to your kind comments and suggestions!


Tami said...

Wonderful use of darks there, Lin, makes 'em pop and sing! I also get caught in that thinking process of artistic (creative and playful) vs. photorealistic (serious). Sometimes I can step outside the box and create what's in my mind and play while I'm doing it, but not often. I still have a very soft place for "sketchy" art, it feels so spontaneous.

Teri C said...

You really 'illustrated' this just wonderfully!!

Claudia said...

Lin, this is a very interesting and nice approach, too! -

Bonny said...

Lin, I love the mushrooms! I think you have a great style of drawing.

Sometimes, when I want to be more loose and not so focussed on detail, I try a new and unfamiliar medium. It's because I don't know how to get shading or values in that new medium that it becomes less realistic. The medium I find the hardest is simple ball point pen.

Try something other than with what you're familiar and comfortable. It all adds to the art knowledge file of our experience.

Linda said...

Lin -- I really love your work! Have you ever considered doing the watercolor bit first -- very loose and fast -- and then doing the ink over it after it has dried? You would get a real "outside of the lines" look.
I like your thinking about the ideas of expressive work versus photorealistic -- and the phrase about moving from technique to artistic -- genius.

Lorraine said...

Your mushrooms are perfection -- so life like. And the soft leaves underneath are a nice contrast. You do both loose and detailed so well -- sometimes it's just the mood we are in that day -- our fingers just "need" to create what our eyes see!

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Yip, here I am , admiring your mushrooms in ink! Ve..ery nice! I think deciding when something is a painting or a piece of art, or a sketch, is up to the artist. It depends on your intention and how you did it. If you call it a sketch, I'll believe you and will admire it as one. Call it a painting and I will view it in that perspective. So, I love this sketch, you have great colours and nice darks and very nice inkwork!

Jana Bouc said...

Charming and fresh!