Monday, December 31, 2007

Lavender Flowers and Art Goals

Lavender flowers and Art Goals
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It rained all day yesterday!!! YAHOO!!! The drippy, grey conditions matched the cold, cough and sinus congestion I seem to have come down with -- coupled with the sadness to have mom leave for home ... so I sketched something loose for cheer - - a light touch for a rainy day and a heavy heart. Endings of things usually leave me this way ... and I spend the next few days in some kind of busy activity that focuses on getting ready for 'what's next' as I move back into routine.

Art Goals - Here's what I promised to do in 2007 with my opinion of results:

* Sketch/paint daily - I've met this goal for the second year in a row.

* Practice more faces and figures - Hardly did this ... I have a few faces of my grands I'm fairly pleased with, but I've done my best to avoid this difficult for me subject ... sigh ..

* Sketch more scenes from daily life - I've met this goal fairly well, I think

* Sketch the everyday - recognizing the extraordinariness of life - I think I've done pretty well with this, though the movement from 'picture to art' is something I'd like to spend more time on this year. I'm learning again and again that there's something more to seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary and rendering THAT perspective through my artwork ...

* Work through the many art books on my shelves -- I've done a fair job on this, though to tell the truth, I keep acquiring more books to work through! LOL

* Practice more values and perspective - Though I've focused a bit more on value sketches prior to painting, I think this area needs a bit more attention on my part. I cannot help but recognize that one of the strengths of a good painting is a good drawing!

* LOOSEN UP!! Success to some degree here -- but though I love that painterly, loose look, I don't achieve that as often as I set out to ...

* Increase my economy of line and sketching speed - I find it's taking me LONGER to paint something I'm happy with than LESS time --- sigh! But I don't know if that's so bad ... I'm making myself LEARN as I'm doing ... and so perhaps there's a compromise here somewhere.

* Use richer colors - but keep them transparent - I think I've actually met this goal this year -- yeah!

* Sketch more things of meaning - I met this goal for sure.

* Increase my journal entries - -- especially more writing -- Somewhat met

* Improve page compositions - I've met this fairly well, but I've recognized the need to gain a bit more theory behind this goal and so will focus a bit more on this for 2008.

and as always:

I've DEFINITELY met this goal!

Overall, I'm still learning and practicing, still need improvement, and still have a long way to go with meeting each of these goals. But today will be spent pondering 2008 and what I'd like to truly emphasize.

BTW, as I was reviewing 2007, I found that LAST year after Christmas I came down with the same 'bug,' and I drew a rose and a loose rendering of flowers ... meaningful????? LOL



Kunya said...

Big big big congratulations.
Indeed you did a good job on your goals...and as a regular visitor of your blog I can enjoy your prohression everyday. Daily practice is indeed the key!
I'm looking forward to your drawings and paintings in 2008

Lorraine said...

Well, we are having sun here after a gloomy and slightly rainy two days -- just enough to be gloomy but not enough rain to matter! Your painting today is lovely Lin. So light and airy and spring like. I love the looseness.

Your goals -- whew they make me tired just reading them! But girl, you should add another feather to your cap, your incredible painting of my senior cat Rusty which I will post as soon as my scanner is resurrected.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Happy New Year Lin. I'm truley happy for you in accomplishing so much. I can tell the growth in your paintings this year ... woo hoo. Looking forward to many more wonderful works from you.

Jenny said...

My goodness, Lin. You show me a beautiful painting of flowers then wear me out with your 2007 goals! Congratulations on achieving so much in 2007! It really shows in your work.

Linda said...

Lin -- sorry that your blue over your mom leaving, but glad that it is raining for you!
I'm amazed at your goals and how you HAVE done something with every one of them this year. (especially number 1 -- EVERY day!! Good grief. I don't know how you managed it!) I don't think you're giving yourself near enough credit for how far you've come in rendering good, strong values in a painting and how well your style has evolved into a VERY nice mix of loose and tight.
I look forward to seeing your 2008 goals! ;-) Happy New Year!

Felicity said...

Lin, you are the master of meeting your art goals! Just one of those would be an achievement for me but all together, wow, it's really something. Drawing daily for two years - you deserve a medal!! Your perseverence has paid off a hundred fold, the results speak for themselves!

I'm looking forward to following (if I can keep up ;)!) your progress and seeing all the lovely art I know you will be making!

Happy New Year, Lin!

Carol said...

Hi, Lin---In our family we always referred to that heavy heart, end of the holiday as 'taking down the Christmas tree.' Looks like you found a great antidote, though, reflecting on the past year in art and love your loose lavender flower sketch! Happy 2008!

Teri C said...

BIG congrats on achieving those goals!! It was so wonderful to watch your growth this year!! Love that loose painting also.

Karen Winters said...

Best wishes for a great 2008, Lin. May all your goals be met as your creative dreams come true.

starrgirl's world said...

Lin! I was thrilled when I visited your blog for the first time in a long time and saw the wonderful progress in your work! Brava, my dear! It is delightful and you are quite inspiring. Best to you in 2008!