Sunday, December 16, 2007


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Finally! Thank heavens! We've had significant rain yesterday! Temperatures fell and the storm that produced such snow, ice, sleet, and power outages in the western and northeastern parts of the US was strong enough to give us some needed relief! Temperatures, after being in the 80s, fell to the 30s, and rain fell over the entire state for the entire day! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

While our drought remains severe (we truly need a month of this type of rain since our deficit for the year is still close to 10" ... we are ever grateful for this moisture!

I found this photo from Wet Canvas and just had to sketch it in celebration of the RAIN!


Lindsay said...

So happy for you! The drought must be most distressing. Glad you could have your day of moisture. May you have many more.
Lovely froggy too

Teri C said...

YAH!! a perfectly beautiful painting to celebrate the rain. I bet the frongs are indeed enjoying it also.

Tami said...

Guess my rain dance for you helped (grin. I LOVE this froggy, and the water is done perflectly! When it rains up here the sound of the frogs singing in the creek is a delight.

Karen at Pen in Hand said...

Also a very cool celebration of frog, Lin!

Lorraine said...

Oh the frog is adorable and looks like he is enjoying the rain to the fullest. Love how you did the mottled colors against the background.

laureline said...

I know!! We were ecstatic---I kept opening the door to hear the rain (even though it was cold outside, which was another treat!) My whole world and mood have improved because of the blessed rain. Lovely sketch, cara---just delightful.