Tuesday, December 04, 2007


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Each day I wake up thinking "What shall I sketch today" -- and probably spend too much time trying to find an inspirational piece to sketch and paint as part of my daily practice. Since my weeks before the holiday promise to be even more busy, finding simple objects that still inspire me as well as create a bit of practice challenge, isn't always easy. Relying on photographs, since my practice time is just before bed, can also be somewhat challenging.

Still I found a photo of this pretty seashell -- the challenge here was to create two colors that are compliments --!!! Blend them with too much water -- grey -- too little water -- no blend .... so this took a bit longer to complete than I had imagined ... with a lot of 'lifting' and drying and reapplication. Fun too!

Now the question --- "What shall I paint TONIGHT!??" Sigh!


Lorraine said...

Lovely; not only the colors but that you were able to get the shape so beautifully rounded and real.

Tami said...

This turned out beautific! Gosh, I know what you mean about trying to think up something to paint. It's not like I don't have hundreds of pictures that I've taken specifically to paint... Just can't seem to settle into them.

mARTa said...

LOL! I went out the front door the other morning and a snail crossed my path. I ran back inside and grabbed my camera thinking what an interesting subject it would make! Your colors come across beautifully.

Teri C said...

Perfect looking snail Lin. If you just want ideas, look here at the Scavenger Hunt at Wet Canvas--ideas galore and you don't even have to play, altho that is fun too.
Now I have more ideas than I have time for :)

Sandy said...

Just simply Gorgeous, I have been under the weather but I see your blog is Loaded with new posts (to me) and they are simply stunning sketches!!!

caseytoussaint said...

Well it looks as though it worked out - the colors are perfect.

Toni said...

It is a beautiful combination of colors.
Thanks for stopping by my blog a few weeks ago.

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

I love the combination of your warm and cool colours so close to each other...it works well!

Linda said...

Beautiful colors! Very nice.