Saturday, February 09, 2008

Fog on River a

Fog on River a
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Last week Ronell ( posted her 'method' of working on an apple and I said I would do something similiar with a painting of mine.

I thought about this all week. As a relative beginner, I can't profess I have any expertise at this demonstration -- please know, I'm merely sharing my 'method.' I'm assuming that there are other ways to approach the subject of 'fog' -- and some might even work better ... In any event, this is how this painting was done.

I first drew in a light line for the horizon and the small island of grasses on the left. I'm working on Arches 140# cp and using Winsor-Newton watercolors.

I went both the BACK and the FRONT of the paper using Permanent Rose to highlight the sunrise. Since it will dry much lighter and made sure the paint to water ratio was stronger with pigment.

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