Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Strawberries in wc pencil

Strawberries in wc pencil
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and a bit of blue watercolor and ink.

I have to admit that I"m having a bit of a time getting my wc pencils to do what I want and to do it as quickly as I'd like!!! LOL

I did these strawberries twice -- realizing that I if I continue to add more and more pencil marks to the dry paper - I'm damaging the paper and adding gouges I don't want --- nor does wetting the pencil and/or the paper give me that translucency I'm longing for ....

No -- instead, the only way I've gotten the pencils to work for me is to build up layer upon layer -- softly adding the pencil, wetting, blending, drying, reapplying ... a long and timely process for my intense week! LOL

So the jury is still out about using wc pencils .. perhaps I need to consider their use in other ways ... so -- I'm still thinking!


Teri C said...

By the looks of this beautiful plate of strawberries, no one would know you are having trouble :)

Sandy said...

Yumm I can't wait for fresh strawberries right out of the field!! Thanks for reminding me of spring treats!

Linda said...

This is really lovely! I'm so glad strawberries are in season again! :-)

Joan said...

Those strawberries look good enough to eat. You did a great job on them. I find with the wc pencils you have to be patient and build up the layers slowly.

Lorraine said...

Your strawberries are lovely and look delicious! I too gave up on WC pencils except for small things like filling in rubber stamped images. But I did find that I could "fix" some things in my watercolors with the pencils sometimes so don't ever get rid of them!!