Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Illicium - Anise Tree

Illicium - Anise Tree
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Though this morning's temperatures are in the 30sF, spring continues to unfold as each day we find more and more blooming plants.

Here, our Anise Tree (Illicium) is in full bloom with light yellow flowers tucked in a lot of bright foliage ...

And best of all, more rain is expected tomorrow!

A question came up concerning whether this anise tree is responsible for the anise flavoring we use in cooking -- unfortunately, the use of common names often produces misconceptions ... so I apologize for not listing the species.

The species pictured here is Illicium anisatum (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illicium) used to produce incense. But the green industry in NC uses this plant for its beautiful evergreen foliage.
The star anise, which we use as a spice, is Illicium verum (see http://www.theepicentre.com/Spices/staranis.html) . And the anise or licorice like flavoring is a different genus all together (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anise).

This kind of misunderstanding why botanists have decided to use a worldwide Latin naming system for all plants.

Sorry for any confusion!


Lorraine said...

In addition to all your other talents you could easily be a botanical artist. This is lovely. It's amazing to me how you can switch back and forth from the impressionistic drawings/paintings to the very detailed ones.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Beautiful. Great drawing in this one. It would make a nice print.

Joan said...

Lin, Your plants and floweres are so well done. I agree with Lorraine that you could be a botanical artist.

Tami said...

Beautiful, Lin. Glad you are still getting rain, even if it puts a dreary edge on the spring days.

Teri C said...

Not only is it beautifully done Lin, I didn't know anise grew on a tree-blush :)

Robyn said...

Beautiful study, Lin.

Maybe you can tell me why the first blooms of spring are all yellow. I'd never noticed it when I lived in Australia but certainly do here in Italy where it is a 'real' spring.

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful, Miss Lin...such a classical botanical feeling!


Linda said...

Lin -- I always love your botanicals. And since you already understand the science behind it all ... hmmmm.
;-) And we're getting caught up on our rain here, too! Yay!

Frankye said...

Lin, your work is lovely. The Anise tree sketch puts a big smile on my face...reminds me that I am going to be in NC in June for a lovely week of vacation! I like your redo on the roses and LOVE the blue bowl of luscious flowers.
Your use of color and brushwork is delicate, but clear and clean. Enjoy that wonderful time in the sun!

Anonymous said...

It's kind of like pigments in paints. Paint companies can give their paints any name they want, but it's the pigment numbers (e.g. PB 15) that tells you what's really in the paint. This almost looks like my bay leaf tree (not the official name, I know).