Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cone Flowers and Rubeckias

Cone Flowers and Rubecias
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Yesterday morning was so cool (in the 70s!) -- so I sat in front of my flower bed and sketched. The Purple Cone Flowers are in bloom as are the bright yellow Rudbekias....As the day grew warmer, I gave up my time to paint and gardened instead -- watered everything -- we're back to drought conditions, and I pruned back some of those incredible plants that seem to thrive on dry, hot weather.

The thunderstorms threatened last night -- but we're still rainless, despite all the rumblings. My blueberries have dried to wee stones ....and we're still praying for rain.


Carole said...

Hope you get some rain soon.

Are coneflowers the same as echinacea? I love those flowers.

If your garden is as charming as the painting, it must be a beautiful place to spend time.

Joan said...

Lovely flowers to tend!! It always amazes me that there are areas of drought while sections of the country are under water. I'm glad you are able to keep your garden up and I hope you get the needed rain.

Anonymous said...

The rain keeps passing us by too. Feel so sorry for those in the Midwest and in Calif. -- too much water, not enough water -- such horrendous damage to crops and life. Your bright flowers brightened my evening!