Friday, June 27, 2008

Marsh - Ink and Wash

Marsh - Ink and Wash
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Home! Such a comforting word and place to rest! So glad to have arrived safely late last night. The deer seem to be on the move lately.

I've been working on some quick ink and washes to try to train myself to be a bit looser in my painting approach, and this training comes at a good time since work has been so busy!

This sketch is from a photo reference from Wet Canvas ... I really love ink and wash and I'd like to spend a bit more time 'playing' with this technique as well ...

I've begun using a small Arches "Carnet de Voyage' Travel Book for some of these exercises. The 140# cp paper and handy size (6" x 10") seem to encourage 'quickness' ... and for some reason, a relaxation of some of my 'tighter' approaches. I suppose the 'test' will come when I switch to larger paper!! LOL


caseytoussaint said...

Great job, Lin!

Joan said...

Lin, I think the ink and wash is a nice effect for this. I'm always trying to attempt "looser" paintings too. I'm away from home for a funeral but was out painting this morning trying to capture the flowers out in the courtyard of our hotel (until it started showering). I did the hydrangeas rather loose. I'll post them when I get back home.

Sandy said...

The "view from the oak" is always fabulous!!

Teri C said...

It is a lovely scene Lin. I really can't even tell where the ink is.
I am also using a similiar sketchbook and love the size and paper. Mine is Canson.
Time to relax for the weekend.

Teresa said...

You've certainly mastered the bright fresh look of watercolor. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Ooh lovely -- the colors and the very impressionistic look too. Makes me want to get back into watercolor!