Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rebecca's Zinnias

Rebecca's Zinnias
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Daily Practice

Despite the long, tiring hours, constant student registrations, two meetings, lack of 'down' or meal time, I wanted to do one quick sketch before I collapsed. There sure has been a stream of these days lately, my apologies for moaning!!!!

I sat at the B&B, ate a late dinner, and sketched Rebecca's pink zinnias -- those right in front of me. I used ink and wash, more ink than I normally do, more doodling than painting or sketching ... the day taking it's toll.

I have three more days like yesterday ... so sketching, doodling, or splashing paint is about all I can hope to muster. The light at the end of this tunnel, though, is Friday ....


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

You certainly have not reason to appologize ... you are so busy, yet you are such a profecient blogger and artist! I admire your energy.

Joan said...

Doodling is fun and this looks much more than a doodle. I like the way this turned out!!!! You are so inspiring that you find something to paint no matter how tired you are!!

Teri C said...

Even when you are tired (and have every right to be tired) you manage to paint! You are like the battery bunny Lin. Happy to hear things will settle down. Such pretty zinnias!

Anonymous said...

Oh zinnias, my all-time favorite summer flower. I need to get to the Farmer's Market and get some. Yours are lovely and I knew instantly what they were without reading. Thanks for sharing them with us!!!