Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cedar Cliff Farm Cottage circa 1700

After tossing my plein air original, I redid the cottage from the plein air outing to Cedar Cliff Farm ... I'm not entirely content with all the lines I included in the cottage -- but it was one of those log and mortar structures that HAD lines -- but I think I'm going to have to continue my argument with myself about 'suggestion' versus 'detail' .. sigh.

We had a FABULOUS time yesterday!! Our group of 16 toured the Life and Science Museum and really enjoyed the tropical butterfly house - everyone oohing and ahhing and taking lots of photos. I loved the new exhibit of sound -- an entire room partioned into sound squares. Each square producted a different sound, so by running and jumping, moving and twirling, you created some really wonderful music. I wore off about 6 French Fries making music!!! LOL

And the walk around Duke Gardens was fun, though by the time we got there in the afternoon, temps were well over 80, and the walking was up and down small hills, tiring for a lot of folks. Still, the fall foliage and flowers were spectacular!

It's back to routine today and back to Smithfield -- It's been a sheer joy to be home in the evenings ....!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think detail looks good and in this case, the painting osrt of asks for it, so I like seeing the lines of your cabin.
Great painting

squawmama said...

I just love looking at your works of art... You have a style of painting I just love... Thanks for sharing..


caseytoussaint said...

Sounds like a great day - and beautifully captured here.

Teri C said...

It IS gorgeous Lin. So peaceful and serene-looking.

Joan said...

I like the detail in the cottage!!! And I love the surrounding foliage. Lovely!! I'd love to find some old barns and cottages to take photos of for paintings. Any suggestions for places in NC, not too far off I-95?

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the new black shirt with the b&w kitty. Just ordered it with my $5.00 Spread the Love coupon!

Don't be so hard on ourself. This one is great. Now you are getting the hang of painting from your mind instead of a photo -- the final triumph!

Jona said...

I love the majestic trees and the ground in this one.

Ooooh, the butterflies home... that's wonderful... visited myself one recently... such an emotion!