Monday, November 03, 2008

Bougainvillia in Italy

Bougainvillia in Italy
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Thank YOU all once again for your kindest congratulations and generous comments yesterday. I know in my heart, I could not have kept the pace or daily practice without your support and encouragement -- so again, many heart-felt thanks!

I must also thank Bonny for her permission to use this incredible photo of bougainvillia she captured in her travels to Italy. Bonny keeps an incredible blog - particularly filled with her gorgeous travel photos (see Her latest images of Italy have me so 'home-sick' to return there -- that I simply felt compelled to paint a picture of something from Italy that could transport me back to that magical country.

I have to admit that this painting took a couple of days this weekend, and the drawing was a STRETCH for me -- all those angles (some still not exact), the zigs, zags, steps and all -- really took a long time ... but I fell in love with that incredible flowering plant against the yellow of the building. THANK YOU so much, Bonny!

After working through this piece, I'll be doing more pespectives, simply because I find them so challenging. But I do need my weekends at home so I can sit quietly at my art table and no one can overhear those 'bad' words I'm muttering! LOL

It's off to work again -- seems Mondays come around so much faster these days! Have a terrific week!


Teri C said...

It is just gorgeous Lin!!! That perspective is right on for sure.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Another lovely work.
Congratulation's on having the 24 paintings hanging. What a wonderful sight. Your work is so nice and obviously your daily work has paid off in spades. Awesome.

Carole said...

WOW! You did so well with all those angles. This looks totally convincing, and very beautiful too.

Linda said...

A beautiful piece, Lin -- worth all the time you spent!

Joan said...

Sometimes buildings are a perspective nightmare, aren't they? You did a great job on this...I love the colors of the bougainvilla against the color of the building. Makes me want to go back to Italy too!

Teresa said...

Love the bougainvillea, and the garden art... but, oh my goodness.... how wonderful to see you standing beside 24 of your gorgeous paintings!!! Bravo Lin!!! Wish that show was open last week and we could have popped in there too! So happy for you... you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Oh Oh Oh! It's incredible! Every single bit of it!!! I love the angles, the shadows, the colors and most of all the Bougainvillia against the building. BRAVO -- and LOL the muttered bad words!!!

mARTa said...

awesome! and all those angles...quite a challenge!

Jona said...

Wonderful palette. Fantastic combination of plant and wall. You created beautiful sunlight and with the cold color on the background building a natural shadow. Great stairs and gate, beautiful grass. I like the use of black color in this painting.