Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Labro Doorway

Labro Doorway
Originally uploaded by linfrye
Plein Air Sketch
Studio Paint
9" x 12" Arches 140# CP

After hiking up and down those hills, I settled in the shade of an arched alley to paint his incredible door and array of flowerpots. My friend, Judy, sketched 15 feet around the corner to sketch the wheelbarrow we found there as well. The temperatures were in the 90s, and so the cool of the shade was important to us! LOL

The numbers of pots and flowers at this residence FAR exceeded what I sketched ...and the door was a dull brown. In order to give this image more of that glorious Italian light, I lightened the building and made the door a color I thought was more interesting.

The summer heat has descended here as well. Yesterday we were in the low 90s with equal humidity. Mercy, at this rate, August is going to be miserable! LOL So where is the gelato when one needs it????


Laureline said...

Welcome back! I'm so glad you got to make this trip!!! I need to do a lot of catching up on your blog and work, it's clear.
You DO remember we have gelato here ;D.
Hope we can go out sketching with Sue in the next few weeks!

africantapestry said...

Lovely photos lin and this is such a sunny sketch, so....Tuscan!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, a brown door would have disappeared into this painting. You've improved it and make it shine! I am SO enjoying your trip LOL.

Joan said...

Lin - BELLA!!!! I love the Italian doorway with the pots of flowers!! I can almost feel that Tuscan sun!! Thanks for sharing so much of your trip with us!

Teri C said...

It is just glorious Lin! Glorious and gorgeous!! I am loving all these photos and paintings.

Robyn said...

I'm pulling up a chair, Lin in order to enjoy Tuscany & Umbria through your eyes and to remember the delight of meeting you at last :)

Teresa said...

Hi Lin,

Good to have you back! This doorway is so beautiful... has such a mellow ambience. You did a great job!

Jona said...

Wonderful soft paitning. The wall excells. Love it very much. Also your narration about these magic places.

Sandy said...

What a great way to extend a vacation!