Monday, July 20, 2009

Dusk in Venice

Dusk in Venice
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Daily Practice

Dusk was just falling as Judy and I walked along the canal during one of the last nights we spent in Venice.... (can be already be a month ago???!!). Everything had a soft blue hue to it, and the lamplights were just coming on, casting a soft yellow, pink, blue glow .... I wanted to keep this painting simple, and 'dusk-ish' rather than toward a darker evening ... I remember how it was a softly warm night, stores were closed, but diners were just beginning to fill the outdoor tables and chairs. I love that time of the day - when day just BEGINS to turn into night ... it seems as though the day holds its breath to linger a few minutes longer, and night, patiently allows the day its last goodbyes.

For a Sunday, it was fairly busy for us. We planted a few more fruit trees -- persimmon -- certainly the wrong time of year, but sometimes it's the only time you have, made some lavender cookies for a talk I have to give next month, cooked a bit, and spent some time working and painting in my garden. Fun!

I'm off to a busy, meeting-filled week ... we're expecting spots of rain throughout the week and my fingers are crossed that rain will fall on these newly planted trees!

Have a good one!


Connie said...

When we paint at Duke, I want to hear all about Venice, lavinder cookies (?) and what kind of talks you give. Then I will shut-up and let you paint! Is Judy your painting buddy?

I love how you can paint from photos and get such beautiful work. Suggestions?

caseytoussaint said...

How beautiful....

Anonymous said...

Oh you've captured so well that time between light and darkness. The detail of the lamp against the soft blue of the background is perfect. I love that time of day/night!

Have a good week and will keep my fingers crossed for rain for your area. We had sprinkles yesterday LOL.

Teri C said...

The atmosphere you created here is just wonderfully serene! Great job Lin.

Sandy said...

A magical moment obviously , and beautifully captured.

Joan said...

Lovely!!! I can just about hear the soft Venetian sounds. I'm glad you're still doing paintings from your trip.