Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Karlyn Holman- Negative Painting with Color Sanding

This abstract of a forest floor was done last year at Karlyn's workshop. Since we're leaving this morning for another workshop with Karlyn, I thought I'd post it today.

I've always thought I would add some other element to it - butterflies or something else - but never got around to it. The more I look at it without anything more - the better I like it. It's all watercolor, done with negative painting and sanding colored watercolor pencil shavings onto wet paint. Reminds me of the floor of our forests this time of year - a mix of oranges and browns and greens with bits of yellow leaves still showing.

It'll be a full day of fellowship and painting, instruction, a fine lunch - and an artist whose enthusiasm and expertise are thoroughly enjoyed and admired ...!

Hope your day is wonderful, too!


Lorraine said...

Yes it's beautiful just as it is!!! And has Karen's style all over it. The sanding sounds interesting.
Learn a lot and have fun!

Teri C said...

It is wonderful! I wish I were joining you.

Joan said...

I'm glad you left this as it is...it is very different. I agree that it looks sort of like the leaves all jumbled together. Have fun at the workshop...I should have joined you...maybe next time!

Jona said...

Lin, in my humble opinion it is just perfect as it is. Beautiful piece!

ENJOY the workshop! :))))