Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Rose Hips

Rose Hips
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Daily Practice

I returned to work yesterday to be greeted with a truckload of paperwork and the actualization of the rumored 'changes' that have been hinted at for months. I think the new ideas and changes will all have a positive outcome, but at the moment, it feels like another whirlwind of crises to think and plan and work through on top of all the events of the last few weeks and escalated workload of the last few months. I'm reeling.

I tried to paint my way out of this new tornado I'm experiencing, but I don't feel like my painting or my thought processes have been entirely successful.

Still, when I got back home, Mike was showing signs of increasing progress - he walked several times, spend a good amount of time on the porch and has held down all his meals. Our temps yesterday were hovering around 70F ... so the day couldn't have been more grand for him to 'take the fresh air.'

I will still be taking my much needed week off from work next week despite all the 'happenings.' I'll be participating in another two-day Karlyn Holman workshop and several classes at Jerry's Art in the Carolinas. While the timing of my 'leave' isn't especially fortuitous work-wise and events could not have been anticipated months and months ago when this week was planned, my body and mind tell me the time away is EXACTLY what I need.

With all the new demands, I'm afraid my internet time will be curtailed the next few weeks, so forgive me if I am slow to respond.

I'm off to swirl some more ...


Lorraine said...

Oh I think your painting is extraordinary Lin. You surmounted your day and got into the zone!!

Ah Change -- how would we know what stress was without it -- even good change sometimes can be tough on our systems. So glad you are going to take some more K.H. classes. Wish I could be there with you.
Hugs and Love and stay well,

Teri C said...

This is so beautiful despite your crazy life. I'm happy you have time to squeeze in a painting everyday.

Claire M said...

I love your image for today. I'm so glad that your painting can be a support or outlet for you through difficult times. Enjoy your classes next week.

caseytoussaint said...

Have a restful break, Lin and recharge your batteries. I agree with everyone else, this is lovely.

Joan said...

The painting is lovely!!! Things truly sound like they've been swirling around for you. I hope your time off next week will allow you to relax and enjoy the workshops.

I'm so glad Mike is doing so well!!

Jona said...

So glad to hear Mike is doing progress.

Again a wonderful painting. I LOVE your style, Lin.

So wonderful you are taking classes by Karlyn again. Enjoy the week, dear Lin and hug Karlyn from me.

Pat said...

Take your break and enjoy without guilt. You can always pickup right where you left off and we will all be right here when you are ready. I'm sending blessings your way and hugs