Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sun Rays through the Forest

Sun Rays through the Forest
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Daily Practice

I painted this during our stay in Florida -- more of a wish painting than a reality since it rained every day we were there except the morning we left! Fog, rain, grey skies, damp and humid - we wished for a bit of famous Florida sunshine. The morning we all left, the sun finally made its way through the haze and damp .....

After spending days helping my mom go through her rooms, closets and memories, I returned home to find the same chores need to be done here. My workspace alone is covered with ephemera that needs organization, closets and bookcases are all overflowing and must be given a good cleaning. I'll be off for holiday break in a couple of weeks, and my task will be to reorganize and de-clutter the rooms and closets upstairs -- starting with my craft and art supplies! Just the thought gives me chills! LOL

Outside the long week of rain has stripped the trees of their leaves. Sun up this morning shows wonderful tree silhouettes against yellow, pink and azure. We've in a cold snap and the warm 70s we enjoyed 800 miles ago is now a mere memory as we finally hit the freezing mark.

Still -- it is SO DELICIOUS to be home! By the time we unpacked the car, organized some of the items we brought back from my mom, cleaned out the refrigerator and went through the mail, the day was gone. But the rest of simply being in one's own 'home' cannot be exaggerated or underestimated. I enjoy traveling .. but as Elaine said yesterday "There's no place like home!' ... and we are grateful to be here.


Lorraine said...

Ooh the rays through the break in the trees is lovely as are the trees and the gorgeous color of the ground.
As to cleaning out and organizing -- yikes -- I've been trying for two years, going on three -- this winter for sure??? Good luck with yours!

Teri C said...

What a beautiful painting. I always think those sunrays look like a bit of heaven peeking through the trees.

Joan said...

I love paintings with what I always called "God's hands." This is beautiful!!! I love the enchanting colors.

I also love traveling, but it is always good to be home again. I think we all probably could use a lot of cleaning out and organizing. I have stacks of framed paintings I need to find a place for before I pull out my Christmas tree. Welcome home and have a great weekend!

Tami said...

Beautiful job with those sun rays,Lin. This just looks like the sun is peeking though the mists