Saturday, April 24, 2010

Assisi, Italy

Assisi, Italy
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Daily Practice

My 'need service' light has been blinking all week on my car indicating that it was about time for an oil change. I dashed into the Toyota dealership yesterday for a quick 'get it done' only to sit for four hours while they repaired recall items, changed the oil, added (what a surprise) four new tires, etc., etc. I was there for over four hours -- good thing I always carry an extra set of paint materials. They were kind enough to give me an empty office desk to use -- and so I worked on this church while I waited. But boy did it change what I needed to accomplish yesterday!

It's a bit rainy this morning, overcast and foggy. I had hoped to get back home yesterday to get into the garden before the rain -- sigh. Perhaps I can get that done today if the sun comes out.

My granddaughter celebrates her fourth birthday today --- where oh where does the time go?! I remember dashing across the state to be with my daughter for the birth -- seems like only yesterday.

Happy weekend!


Joan said...

I'm glad you had your supplies with you. This is beautiful...I love the strength of the buildings on the hill and the gorgeous foliage. I can just look at it and dream...

Teri C said...

Wow, what a wonderful job on that building and so many details!

Lorraine said...

Oh I hate those "car" surprises!! Only worse one are dental surprises!!

You made wonderful use of your time however. The paining is detailed and glorious in color. And, yes, it's good that you always have your supplies with you -- just as I usually carry a book LOL.