Saturday, April 10, 2010

Farmtack - Allan Kirk

Farmtack - Alan Kirk
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Daily Practice

This is another of Allen's watercolor lessons done in an impressionistic style. In real life, the greens in the painting are somewhat more blue, but it's as close as I can adjust the scan with my software.

Our weather has turned more springlike and cooler with the highest temps in the 60s. This will gradually change by the end of the weekend and we'll return to warmer weather.

Despite this see-saw of temperatures, spring is definitely here -- our trees have added leaves in every imaginable hue of green, and wild and domestic flowers abound. It's a wonderful time of earth's renewal ....!

Take time to get outdoors and enjoy it!


Lorraine said...

Umm, soft and dreamy. I love the misty quality of the hills and sky and the way you combined the colors.

We are having cold temps but sun and yes trees still budding to in full bloom and some already turned to green. Finally some real spring!

Enjoy your weekend and paint lots!

Teri C said...

These are wonderful colors and as Lorraine said,' soft and dreamy'.

Joan said...

I like the misty look to this!!! It has a nice feel to it and lovely colors.

We are enjoying Georgia. The weather is beautiful and the pollen is turning everything green. We spent the day at Barnsley Gardens painting. Hopefully I'll get to post one of the paintings before we leave here.

Have a wonderful spring weekend!!