Friday, April 02, 2010


HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS LORRAINE! MAY THIS BE A MOST JOYOUS ONE! Now just imagine a beloved kittie coming through the flowers -----!

I painted this a while back and thought it fitting for my friend Lorraine's birthday. Our temps reached into the mid 80sF yesterday - and these beautiful sunny days will be with us all weekend.

Trees are explosions of color- Bradford pears, redbud, maples, oaks, hickories, my fruit trees - apple, pear, peach, the buds of the figs and blueberries are about to burst open -- and the early lawn wildflowers - dandelions, blue-eyed grass, henbit all add bright color to the emerging spring greens of new grass.

What a spring! Get outdoors and enjoy it!

Happy Birthday, Lorraine!


Lorraine said...

Oh thank you so very very much dearest friend Lin. What a gorgeous painting -- the poppies are exploding with color. You could have given me no greater gift than this special incredible painting. And, yes, I can see a little nose and ears peeking out of the flowers sometime LOL.

You are the best! Thanks for making my day so special.
Much love,

Lorraine said...

And I forgot to say, I love the effect of the very detailed poppies along with the less detailed -- just like looking through the lens and focusing on the near flowers. BRAVO!

Joan said...

Oooh!!! I love the colors radiating from those gorgeous poppies!!! This is beautiful and I hope it helps Lorraine enjoy her birthday even more.

We are expecting a sunny warm day today, so I'm heading outside shortly. I'm going to look for a plein air spot.

Teri C said...

Beauteous poppies Lin. The Mexican poppies are exploding around here also.

Happy birthday Lorraine. What a great gift!!