Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Redbud Season - and Impressionism

Daily Practice

One of my favorite trees, the redbud (Cercis canadensis) has been blooming its pink blossoms-- and I've been trying for a week to try to capture that delicate pink against the yellow/green of early spring leaves. This quickly done sketch is from a photo of my neighbor's home as I looked across my property. I'm not entirely satisfied with this work and the scan issues I'm having (washing out of some of the contrasts) don't help! LOL

I approached this painting directly -- meaning I sketched the house and trees and painted each OBJECT - house, trees, foreground, etc. Not that that is wrong or anything, it's simply ONE approach. BUT, I find myself moving more toward an impressionistic style - one I love and admire and much as I've been learning from Allen Kirk though his step-by-step watercolor lessons. In my mind's eye, I envisioned this scene IMPRESSIONISTICALLY, but wound up painting it as is my first response -- somewhat more realistically ... and so my first 'impulse' and my 'desire to move towardsomething else' form a tension that leaves me struggling as a continue to 'grow' as a watercolorist. Does this make sense?

I want to try this scene again in a similar way that Allen works - and so, once this busyness of the plant sale is behind me, I should have a bit more time to concentrate as I retrain myself. So bear with me as I continue along this path.

And - I have to add my sincerest thanks to Allen Kirk for his kindness. On his blog today ( Allen generously talks about my work -- THANK YOU, Allen! And thank you for helping me, and all of us, learn more about impressionism -- and thank YOU for your constant inspiration!

I'm off to yet another oral history interview and more festival preparations. My fingers are crossed for good weather -- I just heard some rumors of a chance of showers on Saturday ... mercy!



Sandy said...

Oh Lin, I agree the redbud is such a bright sign of spring - Lovely sketch and simply gorgeous harbinger of what is to come!

Teri C said...

I also love the Redbud trees and their beautiful blossoms. When we travel back to Wis. they are all along the highway especially in MO.
You did a beautiful job on this.