Saturday, May 22, 2010

Inspired by Guy's Hydrangeas

Daily Practice

My own hydrangeas are just opening their blue blossoms, but my friend Guy ( posted and allowed me to use on of his pink beauties for this inspiration! THANk YOU again, Guy!

This small painting took me far longer than I thought it would -- I tried to keep the values -- all similiar - soft and light, and yet give it enough contrast for those wee florets to pop a bit .... challenging indeed! Additionally, our soils in the North Carolina piedmont are predominently acidic, which renders the majority of hydrangeas blue instead of pink. So this was quite fun to paint.

We're off to see some gardens today, though rain is in the forecast. My 'weeds' still beckon -- but they'll have to wait a bit longer ...

Have a great Saturday!


Teri C said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty.
Gee, mine arn't even thinking of opening.

Joan said...

GORGEOUS!!! There is so much negative wonder it took so long! I just love hydrangeas but haven't had much success painting them with all their little flowers.

Have a great weekend! Hopefully our skies today will just be cloudy and I can paint outdoors.

Sioux said...

Love it! My daddy grew hydrangeas and loved to experiment with their color.

Lorraine said...

Gorgeous painting Lin -- love the detail, the colors and the shading! I saw hydrangeas at the grocery this week in pale pink, yello and pale blue!! Yours are much prettier!