Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Inspired by Roadside Daisies

Daily Practice

Roadsides, along with hay bales (LOL) always fascinate me -- in fact, watching wildflowers populate those untamed areas are the very thing that got me interested in botany. The places where humans do not cultivate and nature has her way are always filled with such diversity and interest - some of the most fascinating grasses and wildflowers seem to occupy these bits of land.

These days, the 'ditch daisies' are the 'show' along with wild grasses and the leaves of our common daylilies. With our weeklong rain, much of the browns of past vegetation are gone, and are being replaced with more and more green - I chose to use more yellow and brown in this sketch to indicate a brief sunshiney moment between all our bouts of rain.

I'm off to a busy workweek, and a bit more rain.

Hope your day is merry!


Teri C said...

Now you know how much I love theses daisies!!!!!!! :)

Cori Lynn Berg said...

Awwww.. ditch daisies.. so sweet. And lovely words in your post today! ♥

Lorraine said...

WOW!! The glow of color in this painting is incredible. I love it and the daisies amongst all that yellow summer sunshine!

And as usual your botany lesson and poetic description is a joy!


Joan said...

Daisies are my absolute favorite flower and you did a marvelous job on this!!! Isn't it wonderful how mother nature can create a spot of beauty anywhere?

We are slated for warm/hot weather today and tomorrow. Yeah! I'm planning on heading to the beach. Maybe I can find some dune grasses to paint.

Have a wonderful day!