Friday, May 07, 2010

Oxford Yellow Fields and Grey Barn

10" x 14"
Arches #140CP

Though the gardener in me cringes at fields of 'weeds,' the artist in me delights in the wonderful blanket of color they make, especially when set against rural barns and fences. I must have taken 20 photos of this single barn last week - the sun just right, the field painted in yellow, white and turquoise. We've begun hanging all the Oxford barn paintings on one wall in our living room .. it's like looking out our own windows to see the neighbors!

We had one heck of a freak storm last night. Quarter inch hail, winds that bent trees and made the cats run in terror, pounding rain --- all for less than 30 minutes! I'm grateful for the rain, though, which means I can cross off 'water plants' from my chore list today. I'll have to survey the damage once the sun gets up.

Hope you have a great day!


Cori Lynn Berg said...

A few weeks ago we were in Seattle and we went on a walk through gorgeous botanical garden.. so natural and yet kept up so well... On the way out I saw one little yellow dandelion.. and it was so beautiful...perhaps because it was all alone! I'm with you.. weeds deserve a second chance...

Lorraine said...

Well if it weren't for dandylions and little purple violets, we wouldn't have any flowers outside at all!!

Your painting this morning is lovely -- so spring green and soft.

Teri C said...

What a beautiful example of spring green!!!

Joan said...

I just love how you capture these places in their loveliness!!! I can just imagine that wall in your home, filled with lovely views you've painted so well.

Life is a bit quieter here. My MIL came home from the hospital yesterday and seems to be doing well. Yeah!

It is warm and sunny so I'm heading out to the arboretum in search of blooming's that for a plan? Have a great day!!