Friday, June 04, 2010

Inspired by Shady Woods

Inspired by Shady Woods
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Daily Practice

I really have fallen for the 'splash and splatter' method I've been 'inspired' by, and my goal now is to try to bring the spontaneity and 'surprise' of that method beyond flowers -- this is my first attempt to try to create a landscape from the splatter. I'm thinking Dr. Rorschach would have a ball with this! LOL

The last preparations are being made for the art festival tomorrow -- our temps are supposed to reach mid 90's ... yikes! I"m glad my exhibit will be in the shaded pavillion!

Off to play with more splatter .....!

Stay cool!


Lorraine said...

Terrific painting. Love the trees and love the path leading into the light. And the light source itself is lovely.

Wishing you all the best tomorrow. Hope you sell out!!! And glad you are in out of the sun and the heat.

Teri C said...

evistThis certainly worked out well Lin. Love the path into the light.

Joan said...

The splashes work well for this!!! I like it! Great color and light bringing you into the back of the painting. Keep them comin'!

Have a great day! Good luck with the show tomorrow!!

Ann said...

Now those are gorgeous trees! This is just beautiful!