Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pilot Mountain

Pilot Mountain
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Daily Journal

This weekend my husband and I FINALLY slipped away to spend the weekend in the mountains of NC. We left early Friday morning and spent two days in a restored tobacco barn - reminescent of a log cabin -- complete with fireplace, loft, balconies and sweet, warm mornings lingering over breakfast -- RELAXATION! And would you believe we even had a CAT come and visit us! LOL

This small sketch was painted from memory of Pilot Mountain itself - so named for the granite outcropping that arises from blue-misty-hazy Blue-Ridge mountains almost 3,000 feet above sea level. This view, spotted along the roads that lead up to the mountain and State Park itself, gives you the view of the tawny fields, treeline, mountain and then, like a pilot's cabin, that sheer bit of granite rock. Sure a funny sight!

We hiked around that pinnacle, despite the heat -- and the views of the valley were fantastic. Hawks circled, hikers came and went, and we just enjoyed the slow climb all the while marveling at all that chiseled granite!

Today we take another group to a nearby Botanical Garden. Temps are to reach 100F by noon - so we'll be wilting by the time we return.

Stay cool today!


Lorraine said...

So glad you got away for some much needed R&R and what a delightful sounding place. And the cat made it perfect!!!

Your painting is lovely -- soft and misty -- and framed beautifully on the left with the leaves.

In the high 90's here again this week too. The humidity makes my tummy ill so am hibernating inside as much as possible.

Have a good trip and try to stay cool.

Teri C said...

What a pretty place and sounds so romantic!

Joan said...

This looks like a lovely spot to relax. I love the colors and depth to this.