Friday, August 27, 2010

Cliffs on Masa

Cliffs on Masa
Originally uploaded by linfrye
9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

Working on masa paper has proved to be far too much fun! The 'instant texturizing' of the subject, while providing challenges of all kinds, also encourages me to work with the subject as the painting itself demands. In other words, while my intention of subject or paint placement may be in one specific area, if a fold, crevice, or 'line' forms a different way in this same area, this 'surprise' encourages me to work with what I have - the subject before me - and not necessary what I had first intended. This loss of control can definitely be challenging!

I suppose this is also a good lesson for living as well ... that need for constant 'adjustment' to life's circumstances and 'surprises' .... some of those welcome, others not so much.

With the economy still in its difficulties, changes of all kinds happening around us, perhaps that is another reason I keep painting on masa I can learn to be more flexible with the changes that are ever constant ....

Returning to work yesterday was busy, but productive and good. The drive went well, the volunteers were incredible uplifiting and fun, and each day, my 'brain' is adjusting more and more the changes brought about by new eyesight. Maybe my head could use a brush and some masa paper too! LOL

Have a great day!


Teri C said...

So happy to hear everything is good with the eye!
You ARE having too much fun with that pretty and making so pretty scenes!

Lorraine said...

Oh it's gorgeous Lin and so detailed. So much to look at -- the colors, the wonderful shapes of the trees, mountain, fence and sky and all the foliage. Terrific. I can see I need to practice a lot more with the details.

And what a super comparison to life. Maybe we all should start every day painting a small Masa painting to prepare us for the day and night ahead!

Thank you for your gorgeous painting and profound philosphy!

Joan Y said...

Oooo, the texture is so wonderful! What a gorgeous painting!

Joan said...

Awesome look to this!!! Masa is such fun, isnt it? Glad to hear that your vision is improving daily. Just a few more days here in Venice and the canals are still calling to be painted. Ciao