Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Inspired by a Spring Landscape and Jean Haines

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Both Lorraine and I fell in love with Jean Haines ( and so we were both playing with some of her book ideas.

In this small work, I added resists of gesso to the paper, then splashed on water, and splashed on paint -- in a combination of my own splash and splatter and Jean's soft, loose, wet approach ... When dry, I enhanced the colors a bit, but kept things high tone .... Fun!

It's raining this morning, and the grey skies, after so much heat and sun, are very restive --- very needed, I'd say! LOL

My figs are finally ripening and the rain will give them a bit more juicyness before I gather them all ...

I'm still catching up ---! LOL


caseytoussaint said...

I really love this, Lin!

Teri C said...

So pretty Li. I have also done some of that resist and it is fun to see the results.

Pat said...

Juice and so beautiful

Joan said...

Love this and the photos below. The computer is going to cut off. Ciao!

Lorraine said...

Oh this is incredible. I am so impressed with what you did with the splatter and splash and resist and yet got such a realistic abstract from it (yes, I know -- realistic abstract???). But the trees, and the flow, and the colors -- all perfect. I must get out Jean's book and play with that but am so enthralled right now with Sara Steele -- soon!