Friday, November 12, 2010

November Morning with Jeanne Carbonetti

Half Sheet
Arches 140#CP

Our full-day workshop yesterday with Jeanne Carbonetti was wonderful! She has the most incredible way of exuding such calm and peacefulness despite the frenzy often felt at workshops.

We began the workshop with a discussion of her approach to watercolor and talked about design, color, value and the like. We then each returned to our tables to begin our work.

Though we were each given a palette of vivid colors, the colors that seemed to mix themselves for my own work were those I am seeing this week - November fall ..... deep reds, golds, bits of orange. The white birches are definitely Jeanne's signature trees ... but some of our sycamores rival them in starkness ...

Lorraine and I also had late night classes - she with an encaustic instructor and me with Tom Jones .... I have a bit more to do on the work I did with Tom (long long day - I was working slowly! LOL) ... and some photos to take of my final painting with Karlyn ... .but this morning, we're dashing off for another full-day of classes and another late night.

Hope you have a great day ....!

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