Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow at the Lake

Snow at the Lake
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Though rain is in our forecast and the day breaks grey and gloomy, I can only 'hope' for the brightness of snow -- OR the warmup of spring. Winter is not behind us yet - far from it... so today I celebrate snow again .... hoping that despite the forecast, we'll get another snowfall or two before too long ... snow does make our landscape so pretty ...

Thank you all for your well wishes ... I'm a bit better, though very tired. My entire staff is down with the same bug, unfortunately, and from what I hear, it's one of those things that are 'going around" -- more than once. Geez.

We've a full house of particpants for our presenter tonight so it'll be a late night. Should be a lot of fun!

Hope ya'll stay well -- stay warm ...and have a great day!


Sherman Unkefer said...

Very nice work of art! I am very much impressed to people like you who can do such beautiful art like that. Keep up the good work.

Lorraine said...

Beautiful scene Lin. I especially like the way you have placed one kind of tree in front of another -- love the effect and the colors. That is a good place for snow -- in your paintings only LOL.
Big hugs,

Joan said...

Beautiful job on this landcape!!! It really draws your eye in.

Hope the bug is gone soon. Have a great day!!

Teresa said...

Love this, Lin! Beautiful color scheme!

Teri C said...

Oh my, I love this!