Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Azaleas Magnolia Gardens

Spring Azaleas Magnolia Gardens
9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP


No, our azaleas are not yet in bloom, but the warm weather has me reliving the trip we took to Charleston, South Carolina several years ago and the wonderfully blooming azaleas we found at Magnolia Gardens. I thought it might fit for today's first day of spring!

We're in for a few more days of warmest weather, then a bit of a cool down ... nonetheless, I think we're about finished with our down jackets!

Have a great day!


Joan said...

Bravo!!!!!!!!!! What a beautiful way to start my morning. Happy Spring! Lin, this has such wonderful colors and a great feel to it. I am presently in VA on my return trip from SC. My workshop was great and we stayed an extra day to plein air paint down there. I'll be posting something from the workshop soon.

Have a super day. (What time do you post? It is only 6:45 am. lol)

Katiejane said...

Your paintings just take my breath away!

Lorraine said...

Wow!! Love the gorgeous sky which complements those gorgeous azaleas -- or is it the other way around. The trees are so well done too. I Love Love Love it all.

I washed my heavy jacket yesterday! I WILL NOT put it back on no matter how cold it gets. Today on my way to drawing lessons I saw a fully bloomed white dogwood and lots of daffydills!! The windows are open to the brisk breezes and I feel springy myself!!

Lorraine said...

Oh I got so excited about the painting that I forgot to comment on the drop dead gorgeous water and reflection -- double WOW!!!

Teri C said...

WOWZERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

freebird said...

Isn't that a bright, cheerful painting. I'd love to be walking in this area.