Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dancing Daylily - Happy Father's Day

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

To all the fathers, uncles, brothers, men as well as the women who also have those roles -- a most HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO YOU!!! Today we celebrate those in our lives who are dads, brothers, pals who give our lives the richness that makes living such a joy. Though my own dad is no longer living, the influence he played in my life was immense, just as the fathers and men in my children's lives and my grandchildren's lives, have shaped and inspired them. We are grateful ... ever grateful.

The daylilies have made their annual blooming - and the array of colors, types and sizes are dazzling! In my own garden, I have bright yellows, pinks, oranges and burgundies - and the Arboretum boasts even more varieties! The roadside are in full daylily bloom as well - despite the lack of rain ....

Last year, I showed our volunteers how these flowers can be cooked and enjoyed ... we stuffed them with a variety of cheeses, dipped the bundles in egg whites and breadcrumbs, and fried them --- YUM!!! Each color had a subtle, different taste -- In Asia, one can find these flowers in the market - canned for easy preparation.

My attempt here was to create something a bit unusual for this famililar flower - so I played with contrasts to give the orange/yellow blossom a boost.

The grands are here and we have been running - quite literally. I forget just how much energy a 7 and 6 year old have ... sure wish they'd learn to bottle that stuff! LOL

Have a great day!


Lorraine said...

What a gorgeous flower but oh my that background is incredible. So glad you are posting today. I was worried when I didn't see one yesterday. See what creatures of habit we become!!

And a beautiful tribute to fathers.

I know getting back to work on Monday will be a "rest" compared to chasing the grands!! Enjoy,

Teri C said...

Just simply stunning!!!!!