Friday, June 17, 2011

Hot Papaya Coneflower

Hot Papaya Coneflower by linfrye
Hot Papaya Coneflower, a photo by linfrye on Flickr.

1/8 Sheet
Arches 140#CP

I am growing more and more fascinated with all the new varieties of cone flowers. I purchased this one last year - hot papaya, and it has successfully returned for another performance this year.

The bright red with yellow-center flowers have an almost chrysanthemumlike mop 'head', an 'anemone' nose, and cone flower petals. I haven't noticed if the 'nose' forms the same kind of prickly cone as the pink echinaceas, so I'm keeping a firm eye on these to see what happens over time. Right now, they're most striking against the white yarrow that has suddenly appeared in the bed with them. The hot papaya leaves are similiar to the pink coneflowers - and I haven't observed any crossing between these and the pinks that are growing alongside.

But oh, they are mighty bright amongst that sea of pink and white coneflowers!

We've our fingers crossed for some of those 'scattered' showers. It's been so dry! And the Japanese beetles have made their appearance as well and they've begun nibbling at the petals of those coneflowers.

It's summer indeed!


Lorraine said...

Oh they are gorgeous and hot papaya is a perfect name for that color. What a year you've had for flowers. It almost makes our long winter and long wet spring worth it to see what you discover each day and paint each night.

Big hugs and thanks,

Joan T said...

I love the heads on these! Great job on the vibrant color!!!

We had some rain overnight and this morning, with some thunder. Hopefully it will clear out for a good day tomorrow. Enjoy!

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Lin, love the color, the texture and the composition. Wonderful painting.

Teri C said...

Thank you for keeping us informed with these beautiful interpretations.