Thursday, June 16, 2011

Village on the Hill after Ann Blockley

1/8 Sheet
Arches 140#CP

Working again with Ann Blockley's new book and ideas, I've begun trying to incorporate what I'm learning about experimental methods and abstract ideas into my own work and style.

I began this small painting with the idea of using contrasts - blue, purple, yellow and orange. I wet the paper, and began to add color, letting the paint drip and move on its own. I didn't have any particular reference material - simply ideas in my mind, paint and water ...

Off to the office for a quick harvesting of vegetables with our volunteers - rain in the forecast and we've all got our fingers crossed for a good soaking!

Have a great day!


Joan T said...

Nice abstract, drippy look to this! I like the colors and the effect.

Hope your day is great!

Lorraine said...

I also like the abstract quality and the colors. Looks like you are having fun playing with her new style. I've searched for her book but it doesn't seem to have appeared on this side of the pond yet! Although with free shipping, there is one place I've ordered from before in England and it's a good price. Decisions, decisions.

We finally had rain yesterday. Wow we needed it.The ground was cracked and grass was already looking burned. Much better today.
Big hugs,