Thursday, January 19, 2012

Marsh View of River - THANK YOU, Sally!

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

I spent some of my most formative years on the coast of South Carolina where the salt marshes played a most important part of my life. I learned to love these incredible waterlands teeming with all sorts of life - from fish to birds to flora. I love the subtle seasonal changes of the spartina grasses ... and when Sally posted this dramatic image of the river from the marsh side, I was deeply moved - and had to pick up my brush to capture it in watercolor. Thank YOU so much, Sally, for allowing me to paint from your photo and for the inspiration and memory-evoking !! Please see Sally's webstream for more inspiration and wonderful work!

I've been far from the Atlantic Ocean this week. My cooking workshop went exceptionally well, and I think I have convinced a few more gardeners to add additional herbs to their plant lists. I've also spent this week learning about new plants coming to the industry that will dazzle and please the homeowner and gardener. I have to admit that I am a 'utilitarian' gardener -- so my plant excitement, while aesthetic, focuses on those plants that can serve more than one purpose - such as attractive plants that are edible, plants that bring butterflies or birds, plants that can be used for medicine or crafts -- and the like. Yesterday was spent in classroom lectures; today, we get to see, feel, smell the plants we were introduced to on the screen. Should be exciting!

And though I will be very involved with the plants and displays before me (along with the hundreds of other conference attendees), my heart will return, again and again, to that rich waterway and marsh .... a place for me, of solace, peace, and quiet.

Hope you have a great day ... and once again, THANK YOU, Sally, for returning me to the marshland!


Joan T said...

I think I could gaze at this beautiful view you've painted for a while. Great color and depth.

Once again you sound very busy! You have so much in the works. Enjoy the day!

Lorraine said...

Utterly gorgeous Lin. I love the colors and the details keep my eyes moving over and over the entire painting. Dear friend your art just keeps getting better and better. I am totally amazed but then you do excel at so many things, I am not surprised that your artistic talent has grown and grown.

We attended a press conference at the KY Capitol yesterday on industrial hemp. Of course the U.S. Congress must repeal the laws against it first, but our new Ag Commissioner is going after it along with bi-partisan support from the KY legislature. An amazing crop that could help KY farmers, as well as many others, to get back on their feet and provide jobs.

Big hugs,

jaskoleczka said...

magnificent landscape