Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mattinale - Inspired by Maurizio!! THANK YOU!

9" x 12"
Arches 140#CP

There is something about the sunset and the color orange that seems to most inspire me most these days. According to some authorities, orange is vibrant. It's a combination of red and yellow so it shares some common aspects of those colors. It denotes energy, warmth, and the sun, and can bring to mind thoughts of vitamin C and good health. In the western world, orange is often viewed as a symbol of warmth and nature, and in religion, joy and a catalyst of God's blessings. It is also viewed as being associated with creativity. Perhaps for all of those at least to me, unconscious meanings, I have been most drawn to all things orange these last few weeks.

This painting, inspired by Maurizio51 ( was thus a huge inspiration for me. His work is filled with such beauty and hope - that each image makes me gasp in appreciation. I am honored by his permission to be allowed to paint and post my painting created from one of his works. Thank you ever so much, Maurizio! Blessings! Please stop by his flickr stream for some incredible, awe-inspiring viewing!

I spent yesterday in the kitchen preparing for my herb cooking class this Tuesday. What treats! Appetizers, salads, pasta and a main dish and desserts - mint chiffon cake, lavender-lemon cookies and a most unusual chocolate candy to end the evening. I hope my participants will be pleased.

Charles has his jam today so our home will be filled with music. My mom, thank heavens, and you for your prayers, is doing so much better. According to my sisters, she's returned to her pre-infection state of mind (best of all news!) and is slowing beginning to gain her ability to stand on her own.

I hope your Sunday is filled with the orange glow of health, warmth and joy!


Lorraine said...

Oh the glow in this painting is stupendous and the colors. I also love the reflection of the tree. Really outstanding Lin. I have noticed that your palette has contained these colors a lot in recent weeks -- no doubt because of the winter weather and the personal trauma you have been going through.

I am SO happy that your mom is back to her old self and so sorry that she had to go through such an ordeal -- and you and your sisters along with her. But alls well that ends well.

We had snow again last night but sun today so hopefully a bit of a warming trend.
Big hugs and enjoy the music. Your cooking makes me hungry!!

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Oh Lin I can smell the delicious aroma coming from your kitchen. This painting is gorgeous.

Happy to hear about your mom.

Joan T said...

Wow, this one glows!!!!!! Super job on this.

Joan and I will be over to sample your treats for the class. Enjoy the weekend!

Sandy said...

Oh My Lin, this is absolutely glorious!!